Located closely to the Kokusai-dori, the Naha City's main street, the Tomari Harbor, Okinawa bayside landmark "Tomarin" from where many ships start for isolate islands, and the Naminoue Beach, only a beach in the city. Hotel services include complimentary breakfast with bread and coffee, free internet facility, and free car parking. The large baths are provided beside a bath in the guest room.


An Okinawa traditional MINSA fabric poach to the hotel guest who directly booked Room.
Reservation through our Hotel RAKUCHIN Website One Poach/Room.

A small hotel with total 22 rooms NON SMORKING rooms,
but ready to offer 6 types of Western and Semi Western style rooms to meet with various purposes of the guests’ needs.
Semi Western Room Type A Semi Western Room Type A
(Twin beds + Japanese Tatami 6 mats)

Room size: 31㎡
Occupancy: Max. 5 persons
Bed size: 120×200cm.
2 semi double beds and
3 Japanese Futons/Sleeping sets

Semi Western Room Type B Semi Western Room Type B
(Twin beds + Japanese Tatami 4 mats)

Room size: 28㎡
Occupancy: Max. 4 persons
Bed size: 120×200cm.
2 semi double beds and
2 Japanese Futons/Sleeping sets.

Semi Western Room TypeC Semi Western Room TypeC
(Twin beds + Japanese Tatami 3 mats)

Room size: 21㎡
Occupancy: Max. 3 persons
Bed size: 120×200cm.
2 single beds and
1 Japanese Futon/Sleeping set

Semi Western Room Type A Single Room

Room sixe: 15㎡
Occupancy: Max.2 persons
Bed size: 140×200cm.
1 double bed

Semi Western Room Type B Twin Room

Room size: 21㎡
Occupancy: Max. 2 persons
Bed size: 120×200cm.
2 semi double beds

Semi Western Room TypeC Deluxe Room (Barrier Free type)

Room size: 31㎡
Occupancy: Max. 3 persons
Bed size: 120×200cm.
2 semi double beds and 1 extra bed.

Room Rates for Children
Guests over elementary school students are considered as adults. (under 6years old)
Children under elementary school shall be applied for the child rates as follows: (under 6years old)
With Futon (bedding) : JPY1,800 per a child
Without Futon (bedding) : JPY1,300 per a child

Cancellation Fees
No accommodation without contact : 100% of room rate.
Contact on the day booked : 50% of room rate
Contact on the day before : 30% of room rate


Air-Conditioning Unit, TV, Toilet with Automatic WASHLET, Unit Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Refrigerator, Electric Pot, Tea Set, Air Cleaner, Hairdryer, Towel, Slippers, Safe Deposit Box, and Wireless Local Access Network.
Toothbrush, Comb, Pajama or Yukata, Shower Cap and Razor are not provided. If necessary, please contact.
Image photograph
Image photograph
Image photograph

Semi Western Room Type A


Semi Western Room Type B


Semi Western Room TypeC


COIN LAUNDRY with Detergen

COIN LAUNDRY with Detergen




Okinawa Sweet








    Check-IN  PM 3:00
    Check-OUT AM 10:00

    Extended stay charge per hour
    Single, Twin, Semi-Western C:JPY 500
    Semi-Western A, B, Deluxe: JPY 1,000
    Please be noted that the room occupied
    over the noon time may not be cleaned.
    Even in case the guest does not want his room cleaned,
    the room shall be cleaned every 3 days.
  • BREAKFAST(Free Service)
    AM 7:00 〜AM 9:00
    Toasted bread, Hot Coffee, Green Tea,
    Sanpin Tea, Butter and Jam are served free.
    ※Foods and drinks privately brought in are allowed
    but take breakfast only at the lobby,
    ※Please don't bring back breakfast served there.
    PM 5:30 〜 AM 0:00
    Bathing service in the morning is not available.
    Please bring towels provided in a guest room.
    【Notice of Power Saving in Bath Room】
    Please contact the front desk when you want to
    take a bath.
    Prepayment at the Check-In time.
    Credit Cards UnionPay Ginren or Japanese Yen Cash.
    Various cards
    ※Please drop your room key to the front desk,
    when you are leaving this hotel.
    ※If you hope to use the safe, please receive your key at the front desk.
    ※Please note that, if you smoked in the room,
    took away or break fixtures, or made bed sheets dirty,
    you shall be charged a penalty for the room cleaning fee and/or the costs of restoration.
    ※You are requested to refrain from walking out shirtless into the public space of the hotel.

    To the guests who plan to carry own diving equipment

    As being a two-storied building, this hotel does not have elevator.
    Heavy luggage and diving equipment are possible to keep at the empty space in the ground floor.
    If you want, however, to bring them into your room, please be aware in advance that you would use the stairs by yourself.
    Sorry for placing you inconvenience.
    AM 8:00 〜 PM 11:00
    Special discounts for our hotel guests.
    Souvenir item:20% Awamori (Liquor):10% off
    ※ If you pay in credit card or Edy at the shopping corner, a 10% discount for souvenirs and a 5% discount for Awamori shall be applied.
    (Some are not applied)
  • INTERNET(free service)
    All places in the hotel equip
    with wireless LAN. You can use
    the internet in the comfort of a Wi-Fi access.
    Please park cars at No.1〜14.
    Inform your Car Number to front desk.
    Our security guard will make rounds time to time.
  • COIN LAUNDRY with Detergent
    Washing machine:JPY 200 (About 45 minutes)
    Drying machine: JPY 100 (About 30 minutes)
    Utilize spaces for washing and drying swimming goods, swimming wears or diving suits.
    ※Please keep your personal belongings by your own risk.
    Please contact the front desk when
    Ice Pails, Tongs and Meddlers are required.
    Delivery Service is available at the front desk.
    (Japan Postal Co. and KuronekoYamato)
  • Discount tickets of the tourist facilities.
    This hotel offers tickets of the tourist facilities and glass-boats, etc.
    at the discount prices (10 to 25% OFF) at the front-desk.

    Tourist facilities:
    Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    Okinawa World
    Ryukyu-Mura (Ryukyu Village)
    Nago Pineapple Park
    Ryugu-jo Butterflies Park
    Mi-baru Marine Center 〜 Glass-boat
    Busena Marine Park 〜 Glass-boat



From the Airport to the hotel, it takes about 7 min. by taxi, through the recently opened the UMI-SORA under sea Tunnel.
The taxi fare is about JPY1,000.
Landmarks: Pacific Hotel Okinawa, Seibu Taxi Company, Behind Ryushoku Mansion.

Please show this Map to a taxi driver.

taxi  map


name of the staion

From the Naha Airport station, the 1st train starts on 6:00 hours, thereafter trains run every 10 minutes or so, and the last train on 23:30 hours.
From the Asahibashi station to the Naha Airport station, the 1st train starts on 6:04 hours, thereafter trains run every 10 minutes or so, and The last one on 2:346 hours.
From the Asahibashi Station, it takes about 12 minutes (about 1 km) by walk to the Hotel Rakuchin. Go straight about 300m to the north along with the Route 58, then, turn to the left at the Isumizaki intersection. Go straight about 600m. On the way, a fire-station, a convenient store and further the Belfry of the Sninkyo-ji Temple are all seen at the left side. After passing the temple, there is RYUBO super market. Turn to the right at that corner and proceed 2 blocks (about 200m) to the Hotel RAKUCHIN.


Money Change services are available at the arrival hall 1F. At the domestic terminal, the integrated information center positioned in the middle of the floor shall change US dollars with Japanese Yen. At the international terminal, an authorized TISCO Okinawa shall exchange the foreign currencies: USD, TWD, KRW, CNY, and HKD with JPY.
Naminoue Beach

Ryubo-Super market
It is a 3 minute walk from the hotel, available most items from side dishes to every sundries, and quite convenient for just a bid of shopping there.
Naminoue Beach
Only one public beach in Naha City locates in a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Free admission, Locker rooms JPY200 and Coin-shower JPY100. Try to bring swimming wears for sea bathing at the nearest beach.
"Tomarin" Tomari Port/Tomari Ferry Terminal
It takes 10 minutes to reach there by car. Okinawa is rich with lots of sightseeing spots. Especially, the Kerama Islands are well known as a Mecca of marine leisure and especially of diving. Ferries going to The Kerama and surrounding islands shall be available at this ferry terminal.

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Reservation Confirmation & Cancellation

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) opens the Multilingual Call Center for foreign tourists.